Yoga for RUNNERS

Yoga for RUNNERS

Think yoga is just for flexible people? Not likely - in fact flexible people should do strength work! This yoga for runners is different - it's for the inflexible athlete in all of us. Mobility movements, core exercises, poses to stretch, strengthen and balance overused muscles are the keys to your peak performance. In addition, yoga for running will add longevity to your running career and fitness lifestyle. Once you start, you'll wonder how you ever lived with out it. Sessions for pre runs, post runs, recovery days, strength workouts and core exercises.

Yoga for RUNNERS

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  • Running - Rest day

    Taking a day off your running schedule is exactly what you need to do to build strength. Do this session on your days off to rebuild, recover and balance your overused running muscles.

  • Running - Strength

    Build strength in the body, mind and respiratory system with this practice. Use your breathe to focus your mind and get into your body to harness your strength. Will focus on strengthening the feet, ankles, quads and core.

  • Running - pre run

    Move and lubricate your joints, create length in your body and stability and strength in your core with this pre run session.

  • Running - post run

    Perfect after run cool down to balance overused muscles. Great for recovery and will prep you to be ready for your next run.

  • Running - Core

    Core - often overlooked but extremely important for the support of your hips and a strong lower back. Use this session at least once a week to create a stable core to move from. Essential for trail runners.